Maine State House at sunset. Augusta, Maine.

Beverage Plant License Required to Manufacture Marijuana Beverages

January 15th, 2020, Adult-use, Cannabis Law, Licensing, Medical

On January 15, Maine’s Office of Marijuana Policy (“OMP”) and the Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry  (“DACF”) issued a joint letter to stakeholders telling participants in Maine’s medical and adult use marijuana programs that they need to obtain a beverage plant license in order to manufacture and/or bottle marijuana-infused beverages. 

The letter, sent by Erik Gunderson (Director of OMP) and Michelle Newbegin (of DACF) says the following:

The Maine Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP) and the Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry (DACF) are providing the following guidance regarding the applicability of Title 32, Chapter 27 (Manufacturers and Bottlers of Nonalcoholic Beverages) to participants in OMP’s Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program (MMMP) and Adult Use Marijuana Program (AUMP). Simply put, participants in OMP’s MMMP and AUMP who are manufacturing beverages containing marijuana for medical use or adult use marijuana must comply with DACF’s bottling licensure requirements. Any caregiver, dispensary, or medical marijuana or adult use products manufacturing facility that is manufacturing or bottling for sale any nonalcoholic beverages containing marijuana must obtain a license from DACF to operate a beverage plant before manufacturing and selling beverages.

Drummond Woodsum’s regulatory and licensing attorneys are available to help secure necessary state and local licenses, as well as to advise on applicable packaging and labeling requirements for marijuana products.