Drummond Woodsum to Offer Local & State License Renewal Service

February 22nd, 2021, Adult-use, Licensing, Local/Municipal, Medical, Regulatory, State

If you are currently registered in Maine’s Medical Marijuana Program or licensed in Maine’s Adult Use Marijuana Program, you likely know that your registrations, licenses, and ID cards need to be renewed in a timely fashion on an annual basis. However, your state licenses/registrations are not the only credentials that you must renew each year in order to continue operating.

For example, many municipalities have local licenses that must be renewed annually. Or, if you are a co-located manufacturing and/or cultivation facility, the affiliated caregiver registration must be annually renewed.

Retail tobacco licenses from the Department of Health and Human Services and food establishment licenses to sell or manufacture edibles/beverages through the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry are among other credentials that must be timely renewed.

This is a lot to keep track of, particularly when you are focused on running the day to day operations of your business. We have already seen issues with state and/or local licenses/registrations expiring prior to timely renewal. If this happens, the business may need to halt some or all operations, and in certain circumstances the business’s authorizations could be permanently revoked. At a minimum, a license expiring or lapsing results in a significant amount of work and stress that must be endured to address the issue immediately upon receiving notice of the expiration of that license.

Given the serious ramifications that result from a required license or other credential expiring/lapsing, Drummond Woodsum offers a flat fee license renewal service for interested clients. Our attorneys and staff will monitor the expiration dates of each of your required licenses/registrations and file renewal materials on your behalf with the designated state and local authorities. We will coordinate with you well in advance of any deadlines in order to ensure that renewal materials are complete and accurate. We will also provide reminders about other renewals that must be completed in a timely manner in order to ensure that business activities are not impacted, such as renewing individual identification cards for all principals/employees and renewing caregiver registrations if you are co-locating medical and adult use operations.

While Drummond Woodsum offers a flat rate state licensing service for adult use marijuana establishments where we serve as the primary point of contact on those applications, we can offer the renewal service to businesses that did not utilize that service. Please contact a member of a Licensing & Regulatory Compliance division for more information.