DW’s Hannah King On Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

August 10th, 2020, Adult-use, State

NPR featured Drummond Woodsum’s Hannah King, Esq. as a cannabis law expert on the August 8, 2020 episode of “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!”. Here’s NPR’s transcript from the “Bluff the Listener” portion of the show, which can be streamed here.

SAGAL: A man gets around the rules for burying people in his backyard by building an apartment. And since it’s San Francisco, everybody wants to move in. Your last story of legal loopholing (ph) comes from Joel Kim Booster.

BOOSTER: While possessing small amounts of marijuana is now legal in Maine, it’s still illegal to have it delivered – a tricky problem to get around if you’re trying to shelter in place – or, in a more likely scenario, you’re already too stoned to leave the house. But incredibles.me, the finest psychic lost pot recovery service in Portland, Maine, are here to help. Just tell them exactly what kind of weed you lost, how much of it you misplaced, and they’ll find it using their psychic powers. Don’t remember losing any weed? No problem. Trust me, they’ll find it. They’re that good. Incredibles.me claims their service is legal in, quote, “their opinion.” And, further quote, “we are not scofflaws. We respect the men and women in blue who protect this state.” Now read that sentence again and imagine them winking while they say it, and you might have a better picture of what kind of psychics we’re dealing with here.

There are some limitations to their powers. For instance, they’re unable to locate lost weed for those under the age of 21 or those who lost their weed within a thousand-foot radius of a school. Plus, remember all this is only legal in, quote, “their opinion.” For now, at least, it seems to be a perfectly victimless con. As of showtime, the website is still up – maybe the one true supernatural miracle to be found in this story.

Which of these is the real story of some people who are very clever about getting around the rules?

DEMAKES: Well, they’re all pretty wacky stories there, Peter. But I’m going to have to go with incredibles.me.

SAGAL: You’re going to choose Joel’s story of the pot shop that doesn’t sell you weed but merely finds the weed that you lost through their psychic powers. Well, to bring you the correct answer, we spoke to a lawyer specializing in the rules that are being broken.


HANNAH KING: If you’ve lost your marijuana, you call them. They send in a psychic, and the psychic figures out where you misplaced your marijuana.


SAGAL: That, of course, was Hannah King, a partner at the law firm of Drummond Woodsum in Maine and the founder and head of the firm’s regulated substances practice, talking about the psychic weed locators. Congratulations. You got it right. Joel was telling the truth. You earned a point for him. You’ve won our prize – the voice of your choice on your voicemail. Congratulations. You did great.