Maine Legislature Rejects Ban on Marijuana Vape Products

March 5th, 2020, Adult-use, Cannabis Law, Medical, Public Policy, Regulatory, State

On March 5, the Maine State Legislature’s Committee on Health and Human Services voted “ought not to pass” on LD 2052, “An Act to Enact Restrictions on Electronic Smoking Devices and New Tobacco Products.”

The bill included provisions that would have significantly impacted both the medical and adult use marijuana markets. 

All participants in the medical marijuana program, except for the 8 registered dispensaries that are spread across the state, would have been banned from selling any electronic smoking devices to qualifying patients.  

Additionally, adult use marijuana stores would have been indefinitely precluded from selling vape cartridges or other electronic smoking devices.  The bill specified that such sales would only be allowed after the Department of Administrative and Financial Services adopted rules governing the sale of such devices.  That rulemaking was further restricted, and could only take place after the federal Secretary of Health and Human Services issued an order authorizing electronic smoking devices to be introduced into interstate commerce. 

For now, Maine is maintaining the status quo for marijuana vape products.