Maine Switches to Metrc for Seed to Sale Tracking

December 30th, 2019, Adult-use, Licensing, Local/Municipal, Medical, Regulatory

The Office of Marijuana Policy announced on Friday, December 27th that it was in the process of developing a contract with Florida-based Metrc LLC to provide track and trace services to the State of Maine’s adult use and medical marijuana markets.  

Maine had been working with BioTrackTHC to roll out the mandatory state inventory tracking system statewide.  The platform was initially scheduled to go live on October 1, 2019.  Given seemingly insurmountable setbacks, both parties agreed to a mutual termination of the existing contract.  

The Director of the Office of Marijuana Policy, Erik Gundersen, indicated in a press release that the decision to terminate the contract with BioTrackTHC would not delay the implementation of the adult use marijuana program in Maine. 

The Office of Marijuana Policy has not yet issued any conditional licenses for adult use marijuana establishments.  After an applicant receives a conditional license, the applicant must secure local authorization from the municipality in which the applicant wants to operate.  Then, the applicant may seek an active license from the State.  Proof of registration with the state’s mandatory inventory tracking system is one of several pieces of information/documentation that an applicant must provide during the supplemental application phase for an active license. 

According to OMP’s press release, registered caregivers and dispensaries that are operating in the medical market will not be required to utilize the inventory tracking system until after it is up and running for the recreational market.  

An industry kick-off event that will give a high-level overview of the Metrc system will likely be scheduled in February.  In-depth trainings for prospective adult use marijuana establishment licensees will follow.  OMP will be working with Metrc to develop a custom training curriculum that matches the rules and workflows applicable to Maine.  However, if you are interested in learning more about Metrc in the meantime, there are a number of training videos available on YouTube that provide a general sense of the system’s functionality. 

Drummond Woodsum’s regulatory and licensing attorneys are available to answer questions about the laws and regulations governing the inventory tracking system.