Planning for Track and Trace in Maine

April 28th, 2020, Adult-use, Business & Corporate, Cannabis Law, Cultivation, Licensing, Medical, Public Policy, Regulatory, Retail, State

Maine’s Office of Marijuana Policy is in the process of implementing mandatory seed to sale tracking through its contracted vendor, Metrc, for all marijuana businesses across the state. Any prospective adult use marijuana establishment will need to provide proof of registration with the state’s inventory tracking system prior to obtaining an active license. 

If you are applying for multiple adult use marijuana establishment licenses in Maine, and in particular if you have set up separate corporate entities to hold those licenses, it is important to understand the process for obtaining the necessary inventory tracking system registrations to cover your operations.  It is also important to ensure that the appropriate individuals attend mandatory training sessions.

We anticipate that use of the state’s inventory tracking system will also be required for all participants in the medical marijuana program (including medical marijuana caregivers and dispensaries) by Q4 of 2020.

Please contact a member of Drummond Woodsum’s Licensing and Regulatory Compliance division for more information on how to comply with Maine’s track and trace requirements.