Portland Passes Amendment to Allow Temporary Licensing of Marijuana Testing Facilities

April 28th, 2020, Adult-use, Licensing, Local/Municipal, Medical, Regulatory, Retail, State, Testing

During a remote meeting held via Zoom on April 27, the Portland City Council voted unanimously to adopt an amendment to its City Code that will allow for temporary licensing of adult use marijuana testing facilities. To review the amendment, click here

Maine state law requires cities and towns to affirmatively “opt in” to allow any category of marijuana establishment, including a marijuana testing facility, to operate within their borders.  While there are a handful of labs in Maine that have indicated their interest in obtaining marijuana testing facility licenses, none of them are located in towns that have already completed this opt-in process. Portland was in the final stages of adopting a marijuana establishment licensing ordinance when COVID-19 abruptly put a halt to many city meetings. 

Adopting the temporary licensing ordinance during this interim period was an important step toward opening up the adult use marijuana market in Maine.  The Office of Marijuana Policy will not allow retail sales to customers until mandatory testing is available. As a result of the amendment, there will likely be at least one testing facility licensed and operational in Portland by mid-June.