Approved Metrc Integrators in Maine

June 8th, 2020, Adult-use, Featured, Regulatory, State

Updated 12/30/2020

The Office of Marijuana Policy (“OMP”) published a list of validated integrators with Metrc’s inventory tracking system in Maine.  Why is this important to note? Because if you plan to use business level software for uploading required tracking information, you can only use a vendor that ends up on OMP’s list.

When Maine’s adult use marijuana market launches, every adult use marijuana establishment licensee will be required to enter all tracking information into the OMP/Metrc platform.  The process can be completed manually, but depending on the size of the business, this can be very time consuming.  If the licensee elects to enter the information manually, the licensee will pay $40/month for the OMP/Metrc platform.

Marijuana businesses are not required to purchase business level software that automatically integrates with the state platform. If they choose to sign on with one of those service providers, however, licensees must ensure that the software is approved by OMP. Only the following vendors appear on the state’s list (we are updating this list periodically):

  • MJ Freeway
  • Helix Biotrack
  • Cova Software
  • Distru
  • GeoShepard
  • Acadia Point of Sale
  • Flourish Software Inc
  • IndicaOnline
  • POSaBIT Inc
  • Another Dimension LLC
  • LeafLogix Technology
  • 365 Cannabis
  • Bytemap
  • Outlaw Technology 
  • Tagleaf
  • Strimo LP
  • Retail Control Systems
  • Seed and Beyond
  • Adilas
  • Flowhub
  • Greenbits
  • Treez
  • StashStock LLC
  • Zuna Inc
  • Viridian Sciences

Software vendor names will not appear on the “Validated Software Providers” list until they have completed all steps in the outlined process.

The process that vendors need to follow is outlined on the Maine-specific Metrc webpage:  The relevant information is towards the bottom of the webpage under the “Integration & API” section.

Every prospective software integrator must go through this Maine-specific process, even if they are already authorized to integrate with Metrc in other states. 

If you plan to operate an adult use marijuana establishment in Maine and have already signed a contract with a software integrator, we recommend reaching out to the company directly in order to determine where they are in this validation process.  If your software provider has not started the validation process and does not intend to do so, then you will need to either find a new OMP-approved vendor or enter tracking information into the online portal manually.